Grundfos UPM3 AUTO A-Rated Circulation Pump

Grundfos UPM3 AUTO A-Rated Circulation Pump

A Rated Circulation pump

The new Grundfos UPM3 AUTO is a high-efficiency circulator pump with permanent-magnet motor (ECM technology) and continuously variable speed control for circulation of clean heating water.

• Speed-controlled, high-efficiency pump fitted with electronically commutated motor (ECM) with permanent-magnet rotor and frequency converter.
• Externally controlled by digital pulse-width modulation (PWM) low-voltage signal or by internal control in constant pressure, proportional pressure or constant speed mode defined by the means of a smart user interface or factory pre-setting.
• Third generation of the first boiler-integrated, variable-speed ECM circulator pumps which combines both validated and newly developed components and concepts.
• Highly reliable as more than 1,000,000 UPM units have been installed with success since 2006.
• Fit into existing boiler ranges, small as UP15 standard pumps.
• Cost-optimised and faster time to market due to new established mass production facilities.
• Energy-optimised due to improved hydraulic and motor efficiency.

• Use up to 87 % less electrical power than conventional constant-speed pumps.
• Use up to 68 % less electrical power than conventional speed-controlled pumps.
• Use up to 25 % less electrical power than the first generation of ECM pumps.

Note: This is a pump only. For control of underfloor heating we recommend the use of one of our pumps incorporating Temperature Control

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